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About Us

Surrey M&E Ltd is a private limited company. We are specialist mechanical and electrical providers, experts in all areas of residential shell & core, fast-track fit-out,  refurbishment and new build.

About Surrey M & E Ltd

Our Ethos

“To successfully provide a consistent mechanical and electrical solution for highly complex developments, that combines residential, retail and leisure facilities to key worker apartments or the more traditional rural communities.

Providing mechanical and electrical solutions in a user friendly format, at a market acceptable value, with innovative solutions will benefit clients, customers and consumers.

In few other business sectors safety is paramount, and yet costs are always an issue. Our business practice is based on utilising all the investor’s current safe working procedures. In doing this the business will be able to utilise all current high procedures enabling it to manage and balance its commitment to the ideals of quality and innovation with real world commercial imperatives”

Residential and Commercial Contractors
mechanical and electrical solutions


We believe in partnering with our customers. We know the importance of getting  the right fit between potential partners and experience tells us by achieving this,  we secure the best end results for all stakeholders.

At Surrey M&E Ltd we: