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Modular Solutions

Here at Surrey M&E we are leading the way in prefabrication. All our projects are analysed extensively to see if they would benefit from a modular, or offsite build.

Modular Solutions

Service Information

Surrey M&E are at the forefront of prefabrication and modular build solutions. The business is set up and well versed with the most cutting edge technology and services to encompass all aspects of a modular build solution. We work with this assumption when designing and procuring our projects. Please find below all of our prefabricated strategies:

  • Plant rooms,
  • Pump skids,
  • Vertical and horizontal modular frames,
  • Structural plant bases,
  • Gantries,
  • Electrical containment solutions,
  • Multi height boiler rooms,
  • Structural ductwork solutions,
  • Corridor distribution systems on fully integrated M&E modules.

SME’s ethos is all types of services can be prefabricated or modularised.

The SME Promise

What we offer

We can construct vertical modular build solutions up to three storeys in height, encompassing the full mechanical and electrical services, as well as flooring where required. In plant rooms and corridors, we can provide horizontal modular solutions incorporating all M&E services, providing sequencing and spatial benefits to our projects, with the only limiting factor being the size that can be transported by road. 


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