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Smithfield Market CHP Installation

M&E to a 16MW CHP system proving electricity, chilled water and LTHW for Smithfield market and other central London clients. Value circa £6.3M for the M,E&Controls excluding the CHP’S and the Thermal Store and Flues.

M&E Design

The project involved the replanting of the existing CHP system run by Eon that supplied electricity to the grid and LPCW and LPHW via 400mm mains into a 12kM existing District Heating and Cooling system.

The whole of the plant was removed and replaced with the 4-off 4MW CHP’S that supplied MPHW at 118C initially, with two 5MW absorption chillers to supply chilled water at 6/12C.  Works also included the refurb of 3 large gas-fired boilers as back-up, a 330,000ltr Thermal Store, 90,000ltr CW storage tanks and evaporative condensers.


Smithfield Market

Location: Smithfield Market
Client: Various London Clients
Contract Value: £6.3 Million

The scope of works comprises but not limited to the following:

  1. Fully welded pipework to PN16
  2. 60,000ltr Fill and Spill system for each service.
  3. 600mm High Pressure Gas Main and associated pumps and pressure regulation.
  4. 11kV connection to the CHP’S
  5. Chilled water system including 3MW and 5MW chillers.
  6. Engine Ventilation and Sound Attenuation
  7. All electrical HV and LV switchgear and systems.
  8. BMS systems to control the whole installation.


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