Unquestionable Commitment

to Client Requirements

Surrey M&E have the pleasure in announcing that we have partnered with Wint Water Intelligence and we are a UK accredited installer of this unique system.

“Prevent. Protect. Preserve.”

Water Damage Alert

Multi-disciplined Approach

What is offered from this Enterprise Grade Water Management:

Water Damage Prevention

  • Prevent property damage
  • Eliminate business disruption
  • Major cost factor for insurers

Water Sustainability

  • Reduce Consumption
  • Save Water
  • Instant ROI

Monitoring & Analysis

  • Identify abnormal conditions
  • Anomalous usage detection
  • Data driven analytics


  • Gradual deployment process in line with project lifecycle
  • Leak prevention during active and off-hours
  • Alerts and automatically shuts off water

Operational Property

  • Broad coverage – from underground pipes to cooling towers
  • Damage prevention & water savings
  • Smooth transition from Construction to Operational
WINT Water Intelligence

“We can Save your business from water damage”

WINT Water Intelligence Partners

Prevent. Protect. Preserve.

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